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A True Love Story!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Yes! You read it right that I am in LOVE.

No! I am not crazy and I am not lying…I am truly in Love.

Though I have known this person for decades now, but I never realized that how special this human was. Recently, this person caught my attention. I was filled with admiration when I saw that face which could maintain its beauty, even after so many years of wear and tear. That smile which was intact, even after fighting infinite battles of life. That body, which could carry itself so well, even after years of neglect.

The story from a naive school goer to a wise and successful professional, filled me with so much pride for this person. My heart pounded counting this person’s achievements in all spheres of life, against all the odds of life. Nobody can resist from falling in love with this super human. Thus, I decided to express my special feelings to this person and said, "I LOVE YOU!" And I could see that lovely smile as if this person had forever been waiting, JUST FOR ME. Now we share a deep connection. We can’t stay a single day without spending time together. That time, even if limited, is so much enthusing that that I am on the path of transformation. I wish to make it eternal and feel this fragrance everyday… I didn’t know that those few minutes in front of the mirror that day, would introduce me to this wonderful personality on earth, making my life happier than it could ever be…

And I make the declaration today that I love this person and will always do. No more negligence, but care. No more rejection, but acceptance. No more criticism, but appreciation. Now it is your turn to say, ”I LOVE YOU!” Happy Love Story to You!!!

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