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Achieving Success in PTE with Emjay Coaching: Rahul's Journey to 68/90

Are you preparing for the PTE Academic test and feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Many students face challenges when preparing for this crucial exam, but with the right guidance and structured training, achieving your desired score is entirely possible. Let’s delve into the inspiring story of Rahul, who overcame his obstacles and achieved an impressive score of 68/90 in the PTE Academic test with the help of Emjay Coaching.

Rahul’s Dream: Studying in Australia

Rahul, an aspiring student, aimed to pursue his Master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology in Australia. To meet the language proficiency requirements for his application, he needed a high score in the PTE Academic test. Despite his dedication, Rahul faced several challenges.

Initial Assessment: Identifying the Struggles

When Rahul first contacted Emjay Coaching, our experts conducted an initial assessment to understand his strengths and weaknesses. The assessment revealed several key areas that required improvement:

  • Speaking with Pauses and Hesitations: Rahul often paused and hesitated while speaking, affecting his fluency.

  • Struggles with Structured Sentences: He found it difficult to frame coherent and structured sentences.

  • Lack of Ideas for Essay Writing: Rahul struggled with generating and organizing ideas for essay writing.

  • Limited Interest in Reading: His lack of enthusiasm for reading hindered his comprehension skills.

  • Difficulty Understanding Native Speakers: Rahul faced challenges in fully comprehending native English speakers.

The Challenge: A Tight Deadline

Typically, our experts recommend an 8-week training program to address these issues comprehensively. However, Rahul had a deadline to meet and could only manage 4 weeks of training. This posed a significant challenge, but with a structured and customized curriculum, we focused on exactly what he needed.

The Customized Curriculum: Tailored for Success

Our expert teachers at Emjay Coaching designed a tailored program specifically for Rahul. The curriculum focused on:

  • Enhancing Speaking Fluency: Timed speaking exercises and practice sessions to reduce pauses and hesitations.

  • Structured Sentence Formation: Techniques and exercises to help Rahul frame coherent and structured sentences.

  • Idea Generation for Essays: Strategies to brainstorm and organize ideas effectively for essay writing.

  • Developing Reading Interest: Engaging reading materials and comprehension exercises to spark interest and improve understanding.

  • Listening Practice: Exposure to native English speakers through various media to improve comprehension.

Overcoming Challenges: Rahul’s Dedication

Throughout the 4 weeks, Rahul faced numerous challenges and often felt nervous and discouraged. However, the positive encouragement from his mentor at Emjay Coaching kept him motivated. The customized curriculum allowed Rahul to focus on his weak areas and practice effectively, building his confidence.

The Result: Achieving 68/90 in PTE Academic

After 12 intensive sessions with Emjay Coaching, Rahul finally appeared for the PTE Academic test. Thanks to the structured training and unwavering support from his mentor, Rahul achieved an impressive score of 68/90. He expressed his gratitude, acknowledging that this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the expert guidance and tailored training provided by Emjay Coaching.

Understanding the PTE Academic Test: Key Information

For those unfamiliar with the PTE Academic test, here’s a brief overview:

  • Format: The PTE Academic test assesses your English skills through speaking, writing, reading, and listening sections.

  • Duration: The test lasts approximately 3 hours.

  • Scoring: Each section is scored on a scale of 10-90, with an overall score reflecting your English proficiency.

  • Computer-Based: The test is entirely computer-based, with automated scoring.

  • Global Recognition: PTE Academic scores are accepted by thousands of universities and colleges worldwide, including in Australia.

Why Choose Emjay Coaching for PTE Preparation?

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced trainers provide personalized feedback and effective strategies.

  • Customized Curriculum: Tailored training programs to address individual needs and weaknesses.

  • Efficient Learning: Focused and structured practice to maximize improvement in a short time.

  • High Success Rate: Proven track record of helping students achieve their desired scores.


Rahul’s journey is a testament to the power of structured and customized training. With the right guidance, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome. At Emjay Coaching, we are committed to helping students achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. If you’re preparing for the PTE Academic test, don’t leave your success to chance. Join Emjay Coaching and turn your aspirations into achievements!

Join Emjay Coaching today and take the first step towards achieving your PTE Academic success!

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