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Master the IELTS Speaking Test with Emjay Coaching: Reanna Barrow’s Success Story

Updated: Jun 27

The IELTS speaking section can be a daunting challenge for many candidates. It assesses your ability to communicate effectively in English, and success depends on meeting specific criteria: fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. At Emjay Coaching, we understand the intricacies of this section and have designed a comprehensive preparation strategy to help you excel.

Understanding the IELTS Speaking Assessment Criteria

  1. Fluency and Coherence: This criterion evaluates how smoothly and logically you speak. Examiners look for natural flow and clear articulation of ideas.

  2. Lexical Resource: This involves the range and accuracy of your vocabulary. Using varied and appropriate words enhances your score.

  3. Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Demonstrating a mix of simple and complex sentence structures with minimal errors is key.

  4. Pronunciation: Clear and accurate pronunciation helps in conveying your message effectively.

How Emjay Coaching Prepares You for Success

At Emjay Coaching, we provide a structured approach to mastering the IELTS speaking test through:

  1. Regular Practice: Frequent practice sessions are vital. We simulate real exam conditions to help you get comfortable with the format and timing.

  2. Useful Feedback: Our experienced mentors provide detailed feedback on each practice session, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

  3. Exposure to Varied Topics: We cover a broad range of topics that frequently appear in the exam, ensuring you are well-prepared for any question.

  4. Personalized Guidance: Each student receives tailored advice to address specific weaknesses and enhance overall performance.

The Importance of Having a Mentor

A mentor plays a crucial role in your IELTS preparation journey. They can:

  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Pinpointing exact weaknesses, whether it’s fluency, vocabulary, or pronunciation, is essential for targeted practice.

  • Provide a Step-by-Step Improvement Plan: Structured plans focusing on pronunciation, fluency, confidence, and body language make a significant difference. For example:

  • Pronunciation: Practice specific sounds, intonation patterns, and stress.

  • Fluency: Engage in timed speaking exercises and storytelling.

  • Confidence: Role-playing and mock interviews to build comfort.

  • Body Language: Non-verbal cues are as important as spoken words in conveying confidence.

A Success Story: Reanna Barrow from Mumbai

Take the example of Reanna Barrow from Mumbai. With just six sessions over 1.5 weeks, she achieved her desired score of an overall 7.5 bands (Listening 8.5, Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5, and Speaking 7.0). Initially, Reanna struggled with gathering ideas and speaking confidently. However, with expert and personalized guidance at Emjay Coaching, she rapidly improved.

Reanna’s journey illustrates the effectiveness of focused preparation and expert mentorship. Her improvement in a short period is a testament to the structured approach and dedicated support provided by Emjay Coaching.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Many students waste valuable time searching for free online resources and end up confused and ill-prepared. This often results in failing the exam, leading to wasted money and missed opportunities. Investing in professional coaching ensures that you are on the right track from the start, making efficient use of your time and resources.


The IELTS speaking section doesn’t have to be intimidating. With Emjay Coaching, you receive regular practice, expert feedback, and exposure to various topics, all of which are crucial for success. Don’t leave your preparation to chance. Join Emjay Coaching and take the first step towards achieving your desired IELTS score.

For more information and to book your sessions, visit our website or contact us today. Let’s make your IELTS dream a reality with Emjay Coaching!

To book a demo session, WhatsApp +91 9891698364

To know more, visit www.emjaycoaching,com



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