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Should Universities Provide Job-Oriented Education?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Some people think that universities should provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed in the workplace. Others think that true function of a university should be to give access to knowledge for its own sake, regardless of whether the course is useful to an employer.

What, in your opinion, should be the main function of a university?

A section of society holds the perspective that the primary goal of varsities is to give skill-based training that can help students to get jobs in the future. However, opponents to this view support provision of knowledge-based education for holistic development. I personally believe hold equal significance.

On one hand, learning directed as per the future careers can have many advantages for the students. This makes them employable and provides assurance of employment. Moreover, they face no challenges in adapting to the real professional world as they are well equipped with the practical skills needed. This also eliminates chances of struggle and wastage of time in gaining experience by doing odd jobs initially. Nonetheless, the above pros might be negated by some cons associated with the expertise restricted to one’s work. These individuals not only meet hurdles in the path of further promotion but also lack the scope to change their profile if they decide so in the future.

On the other hand, acquainting youngsters with wholesome knowledge, irrespective of recruitment needs, can be advantageous in its own ways. First and foremost, it will set the path for holistic development by making accessible information related to a wide variety of domains. This, undoubtedly, will open multiple avenues to choose from and build interest. In contrast, too much theoretical work, without practical application, will render no benefit, as these pass-outs will not be able to use the concepts mastered.

Due to all the above reasons, I would opine that the institutions of higher learning ought to strike the right balance between the two objectives. Producing learned fresh graduates, ineligible for recruitment, leads to the failure of the overall purpose of education. At the same time, society, including skilled individuals bounded by a handful of practical concepts, will never be able to reach its true potential. Hence, Universities must choose wisely.

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