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Does Music Bring People Together?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

No individual can remain untouched by the captivating impact of any form of art and, thus, music has always fascinated people of all civilizations and generations from time immemorial. This has even led to the unification of societies in many ways and I completely agree with the given statement.

To begin with, there are uncountable reasons to support the role of music in connecting people despite differences in their ethnicity and demography. The foremost proof is the presence of all kinds of people in the musical performances, irrespective of the region or genre, which leads to an amalgamation of cultures. These enthusiasts flock towards such events with great exuberance and experience similar sentiments raised by the performers. It is, then, that they realize the similarities between people living across their national frontiers and themselves. Hence, they feel united.

Furthermore, music is intrinsic to the history of a society in the form of traditional music, regional songs, national anthems, hymns, etc. The lyrics tell the tale of their struggle, success, or past. Moreover, people can easily taste so much diversity among them. This diversity only arouses the interest of people into a culture different from their own. They specifically choose travel destinations on the basis of this diversity and rich cultural heritage. Thereby, this leads to the assimilation of different ethnic as well as age groups.

Besides this, in the internet-driven age with the free transmission of information, music of one region can easily travel to another. This easy access provides people exposure to all the wide variety available and the freedom to develop their individual tastes. They choose whatever gives pleasure to their ears, without segregation on the basis of region or culture and once again feel connected to the non-aboriginal culture.

To sum up, music, undoubtedly, leads to the integration of societies by influencing people’s aesthetic sense and evoking a feeling of commonness despite diversity.

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