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IELTS Cue Card: A unique Festival!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Talk about a Festival which you think is unique in your culture

You should cover:

  • Which Festival is it?

  • Do you celebrate it?

  • How is it celebrated?

  • What do you like the most about this festival?

Hint: One can talk about any festival uniquely celebrated in their culture. Indian students can talk about Karwachauth, Rakshabanshan, Ahoi, Dusshehra, Holi or Diwali. Also, make sure that you cover all the bullet points. Going in sequence is always better as there is no chance that you will forget any point. Here is the sample answer:

(Which Festival?) A festival which is unique in my culture is Karwa Chauth. I am from India and Karwa Chauth is the most awaited festival for many Indian married women of Hindu religion.

(Do you celebrate?) I have grown up seeing my mother and aunts celebrate this day every year. However, being unmarried, I do not celebrate it. But I enjoy watching other females celebrate it.

(How is it celebrated?) This celebrates the Love, Commitment and Companionship between married couples. On this day, the wife fasts for the long life of the husband. Delaying our meal for a few hours can be so disturbing for many of us, however, this pure feeling of sacrifice for enriching the sacred relationship gives women power to stay without food and water the entire day. And they do it with so much grace that it can drive any sane man crazy with admiration. However, even some unmarried girls also fast on this day for long life of their future husband. These days even some males fast for their partners, just to reciprocate the feelings. The women carry traditional attire on this day and generally wear red color. They wear bangles and decorate their hands with henna. Only after moon rise they break their fast. They first pray the moon and then look at their husbands through sieves. And the husbands, as part of the ritual, pour the first drops of water into their mouth and promise to stay by their side forever.

(What do you like?) I like this festival because it feels so romantic. If you are in a relationship, then this day reignites the feelings of pure love and sacrifice towards preserving the bond. Another reason due to which I like this festival is that this lays stress on the importance of nurturing the relationships to keep them going. We should not take people for granted. It is necessary to make people realize their special place in our lives.

Tip: For performing your best in your IELTS speaking test, you must start observing around and staying updated of the latest general happenings. Reading latest articles helps as they give you ideas and the right vocabulary.

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