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Resolutions for Success in IELTS and PTE!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Make these 5 resolutions as you begin your preparation and be an achiever!

1. Give yourself a deadline and make a real plan

You must define a timeline for achieving the desired score in IELTS/PTE because it’s now or never. Do not procrastinate and be willing to put in serious efforts towards your goal because without pains, there are no gains. Update yourself on the format of the IELTS/PTE exam and note down a clear plan for preparation. You must invest in excellent exam resources, like books and reference material for the practice.

2. Make exam preparation a part of daily routine

Start taking interest in reading all the lengthy texts and posts you come across online and offline to build interest and speed in reading. Make an effort to read articles on general topics from the newspaper to gather more ideas and improve comprehension. Expose yourself to variety of English speakers by listening to speeches of famous people or news podcasts or lectures on various academic topics to be able to understand different accents. 3. Build your base

Start working on your pronunciation by learning about phonetics and practicing loud reading and tongue twisters. Take note of all difficult vocabulary you come across, try to memorize its meaning and make sure to use it a few times during the day. Read a few sample essays every day on real IELTS and PTE topics to develop an understanding of the structure of essay and the presentation of ideas. Work on your grammatical errors by doing exercises every day from a good book or website. Try to make a friend who knows English but does not know your mother tongue Engage in a conversation as this will force you to talk in English. Apart from this, you must prefer English to converse with friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc. to develop greater confidence and remove hesitation. Try to speak more fluently by practicing speaking at a moderate pace and by avoiding pauses, corrections and repetitions.

4. Evaluate yourself periodically

Do at least one real test paper every week and learn to manage time by setting strict time limits. You must evaluate and track your performance and re-work your strategy from time to time.

5. Take professional guidance, if there is a need. Self learning is phenomenal but Guided learning fastens the pace.

An experienced professional can help identify mistakes and eliminate them more easily. They can show the tested path and ways to succeed.

They can greatly reduce the time and effort needed to reach the target score.

Start off with these resolutions with a firm self-belief and get that target score!

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