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Score 9 Bands in IELTS Speaking!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The speaking section of IELTS consists of an interview of 11-14 mins. The examiner asks questions divided in 3 parts.

Part 1 consists of general questions and the candidates have to generally talk about themselves, their hobbies, education, preferences etc.

In part 2, the examiner presents a cue-card, with 1 minute time to prepare. Candidates are expected to speak for 1-2 minutes.

In part 3, the examiner asks questions on topics related to the topic in part 2.

The candidates are assessed on the basis of 4 parameters:

1. Fluency and coherence

2. Pronunciation

3. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

4. Lexical Resource

Kindly note that there are two examiners to assess you. One, who conducts your test. The second, who has access to your voice recording. Both give score out of 9 bands in the 4 areas mentioned above. The overall score is the average of the scores assigned by the two examiners.

Now, to score band 9 in the Speaking Section, candidates must take care of the following:

1. Become familiar with the format of the speaking section, to know exactly what will happen on the final day. Every book of IELTS comes with speaking tests. Candidates must go through those tests to develop awareness of the structure.

2. One must understand the assessment criteria well to know what exactly the examiners are looking for. Students will get marks only when they meet the required expectations as per the assessment criteria.

3. Practice a variety of questions. The more variety you cover, the more confident you feel. Questions from previous year exams keep repeating. Thus, students must refer to the past test papers given in books, apart from other online resources.

4. Part 1 is the first part and the first impression. Also, good performance in part 1 builds confidence for the remaining 2 parts. Thus, students should practice well.

5. Further, students are expected to give short responses of 3-5 sentences in Part 1. Hence, with little practice, they can master this part.

6. Part 2 can be challenging for some students due to the reason that they have to speak for 1-2 mins continuously. Do practice for this part by keeping timer of 2 minutes. The best part is that there is 1 minute preparation time here. Thus, students should give their best performance. They can record for better results.

7. In Part 3, the examiner asks more abstract questions. They might be lengthy, complex and difficult to understand. Thus, listen carefully to the examiner. Also, try covering multiple dimensions here as you are expected to speak for a longer duration.

8. In all the questions, paraphrasing the question first and answering in points helps in increasing the score. Use connectors to arrange well.

9. Do take care of the Grammar and vocabulary. Recording and listening back will help here.

10. Try to speak clearly at a consistent pace, without pauses, fillers and repetitions.

11. Do take care of pronunciation and speak in a natural accent.

12. Good facial expressions and body language help students to feel confident and in control. Mirror practice helps greatly in this regard.

All the above, under the supervision of experts can fasten the progress and guarantee the results. For a personalized feedback on your performance, do get in touch with the experts at Emjay Coaching.

Also, do not forget to like this post and share in comment that which point you will implement right away!

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