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Score 90/90 in PTE Speaking!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Enhance your Score in PTE Speaking Section

Have you been trying too hard but still could not score well in PTE Speaking Section?

Are you confused about how fast or slow you should speak during the PTE Speaking Section?

Are you the one worrying too much about the content that you deliver while you speak?

The Speaking Section of PTE is the easiest to score. What you need is to be aware of the scoring pattern and, of course, good amount of practice. That is what I make students do in my classroom. The Speaking Section of PTE comprises of 5 types of questions:

1. Read Aloud

2. Repeat Sentence

3. Describe Image

4. Re- tell Lecture

4. Answer Short Questions. Each question in the exam is assessed on the basis of Fluency, Pronunciation and Content. 1. Firstly, the students must note that they need to practice more for the first three question types, i.e. Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence and Describe Image, than the last two. This doesn’t mean that they should skip Re-tell Lectures and Answer Short Questions. But they should try reaching perfection in the first three. Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence and Describe Image questions are worth devoting time because of two reasons: They are more in number.

Also they have a higher score.

2. Second point to keep in mind is about the division of marks in each question. The students must be aware that in every question in the Speaking Section, they are evaluated on Fluency and Pronunciation also, apart from the Content. Thus, by focusing only on what they are speaking, they might lose huge marks. They also need to be careful about how they are speaking. This means students must take care of the following: The pace at which they speak i.e. Fluency. They should try to maintain a consistent rate of speech. Also they should speak with rhythm.

The Pronunciation of words should be correct, either British or American. Students, who have Mother tongue Influence (MTI Problem), must work on eliminating it.

Students should also speak with right intonation.

Therefore, by striking the right balance between what they speak and how they speak, any student can reach a level of 90 points in PTE Speaking Section.

3. Third point is about using templates for Describe Image and Re-tell Lecture questions. A lot of institutes recommend students to use templates to increase their scores. In my opinion. it is okay to use templates. But students have to keep one thing in mind that they have to speak fluently and with intonation. They should sound natural. While using templates. if they sound monotonous and rehearsed, then they will lose marks in both fluency and pronunciation and they form 66.66 percent of the speaking score. Thus, using template, without this awareness, can reduce the score.

4. Fourth point, remain confident and speak loudly. Take deep breath, if you feel nervous. Don't let yourself get breathless. The quality of voice shouldn't get affected.

5. Finally, do take care of the placement of the microphone. Students won't get a score, if they do not record well. Test the mic properly during the mic testing round.

Not to forget that “Hard Work is the Key to Success and Practice makes an individual Perfect."

Do not forget to share in the comments below that which point would you implement.

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