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Score 90/90 in PTE Writing!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Pearson Test of English or PTE is an English Language Proficiency Test and a popular alternate to IELTS. Institutions worldwide acknowledge and accept it. It consists of 4 sections, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. It is a short 2 hour test and is conducted on the computer in a single slot. The total score is 90 and generally students aiming for higher education need a 65 and candidates applying for Permanent Residency need a 79.

In this blog, we are going to share some tips which can help students to reach a 90/90 in the Writing Section of PTE. For improvement in the Speaking Section of PTE, do read our blog "Score 90/90 in PTE Speaking Section". (Link given below.)

The Writing Section of PTE consists of 2 types on questions:

1. Summarize Written Text, in which the students have to write a one-sentence summary of the given text in 10 minutes.

2. Essay Writing, in which students have to write an essay containing 200 to 300 words in 20 minutes of time.

Students can consider the below points to score well in this section:

1. In PTE Writing Section, students have to type. Thus, they must practice regularly to build typing speed and accuracy. They can use notepad application to type and then take a print to check for typos.

2. For Summarize Spoken Text, students should practice for skimming as that will help them to extract important information from the passage quickly.

3. They should also practice for conjunctions to be able to write the whole summary in one sentence.

4. For essay part, students should grasp the structure, which includes introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs and conclusion.

5. Reading a lot of sample essays can help them in enhancing the quality of their ideas, sentence formation and vocabulary.

6. Typing 200-300 words in 20 minutes time, that too accurately, can be challenging. Students must practice typing a few essays within that time frame before the exam.

7. Kindly note that it PTE Writing section, it is the ACCURACY that matters the most. Accuracy in TYPING, accuracy in GRAMMAR and accuracy in VOCABULARY.

8. Basic errors in spacing, spellings, singular & plural, pronouns, tenses, punctuation etc. can drastically reduce the score.

9. Students must not experiment with unfamiliar sentence structures and vocabulary in the exam. Avoidance of errors is the key.

10. Awareness of the scoring pattern can help in setting better goals. Thus, do refer to the score guide for the Summary and Essay to have greater understanding of what is expected.

11. Many students use templates in the writing section, which is fine so far the students can implement them well. The outcome after using the templates should be error-free and connected to the topic in summary and essay.

12. Taking a mock test before the final day can help students get a feedback on their performance and feel more confident. For the mock test, they can either take the online test available on Pearson website from their homes or do it physically at our office at a nominal charge. Students can book the test with us by clicking the link below:

By implementing the above recommendations, students can definitely set the path for a 90/90.

All the best!

Do not forget to share in comment below that which point will you implement first.

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