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Top 10 Essay Topics for IELTS

In IELTS, the students generally find the essay writing difficult. They keep searching for the top Essay Questions.

Here we are presenting the list of top 10 essay questions for IELTS that can help you to prepare for a variety of topics and related vocabulary. Do engage in discussions with your friends on these topics. For maximum benefit, attempt a few and get them assessed by an IELTS Expert.

These topics can help even students preparing for PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, Duolingo or any other exam that includes writing and speaking sections. Here we go!

1. Globalization has brought the world closer, however, it has also led to some demerits.

What do you think are the pros and cons of globalization.

2. Some people believe that humans are struggling with greater health problems in the modern era than in the past.

How far do you agree with this?

What measures can the government and individuals take to maintain good health?

3. Learning has become a life long process in the modern era.

Which new skills do you think need to be taught in schools to fulfill the modern day needs?

4. Some think that technology has made human life simpler whereas others believe it has made it more complex.

What is your opinion?

5. We are all experiencing the effects of environmental degradation.

What do you think are the major causes of environmental degradation.

What can individuals and governments do to prevent further degradation?

6. A lot of organizations are encouraging their workers to work from home rather than from office.

What are the drawbacks of working from home for individuals and companies.

How can they make it better?

7. There has been an increase in the crimes in the recent years.

What are the reasons behind the increase in crimes.

What measures can be taken to control crimes?

8. Majority of the places are trying to boost their tourism sector.

Why do you think they are doing so?

Are there any negative effects of increased tourism for the place and the local people living there?

9. Social media is playing a dominant role in this day and age.

Do you think the benefits of using social media outweigh its drawbacks?

10. Many countries have a high population of elderly population.

What are the merits and demerits of high old age population for the society?

Happy Preparation!

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