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Why Are Basic Skills Disappearing These Days?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

In the past, many people had skills, such as making their own clothes and doing repairs to things in the house. In many countries, nowadays, skills like these are disappearing.

Why do you think this change is happening?

How far is this situation true in your country?

In the olden days, the majority of the individuals preferred to perform most of the domestic activities independently. However, in the modern era, they, rather, hire professionals for these works. This trend is a result of changes in people’s lifestyles and is more prevalent in the developed world.

Gone are the days when life was simpler and people used to have ample leisure time and greater flexibility. In the fast-paced world, people are restricted by their long working hours and lack the time for such household works. In addition, this is the era of specialization, perfection is the rule. Hence, society does not admire less-than-perfect creations. For an instance, nobody would appreciate shabbily painted walls of the house or a loosely fitted dress stitched by oneself.

Moreover, the above becomes even more unacceptable with the easy availability of professionals for every chore. Be it salon services or laundry, everything is at our disposal, just at a click of a button. Besides this, the modern class either lacks the know-how or interest in pursuing such works. Likewise, the higher disposable income makes such services more affordable against the amount of time needed to perform these household chores.

The above trend is certainly true in the urban areas of my country, India, as well. Nonetheless, in the less developed areas either the people take pride in continuing with these traditional skills or are unwilling to spend on such services. Often, professional services are also not available. It is also undeniable that people in rural areas have more time than their urban counterparts.

To recapitulate, the unprecedented modernization has led to declining of such skills, although, their great demand will make them less affordable in the future, leading to their renewal. This has already been experienced by the developed nations of the world.

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