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30 IELTS Speaking Questions on The World Camera Day!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

29th of June, The World Camera Day, is the day to honor the quintessential role the camera and photography plays in our lives. From the era of bulky cameras being an asset of a few, we are living in the age of mobile cameras, a common possession now. It enables people to freeze and capture every living moment and convert it into a lifetime document. Imagine how the modern world will be without a camera. Social gatherings and vacations will become uninteresting and all the social media sites will become non-functional. A single device of unmeasurable importance.

To match the theme of the day, let's ponder upon the following questions which might be part of your IELTS Speaking Test.

Part 1

Clicking Pictures

  • Do you like to click pictures?

  • What kind of pictures do you like to click?

  • Do you like it when other people click you photos?

  • Do you use filters when posting pictures on social media?

Sharing Pictures

  • What do you do with the pictures that you take?

  • What kind of pictures do you like to have in your house?

  • When you travel, do you buy postcards or click real photos?

Professional Photography

  • Do you think you are a good photographer?

  • Do you use your mobile phone or a professional camera to capture moments?

  • Have you ever gone for a professional photoshoot?


  • Do you sometimes make video calls?

  • In online meetings, do you prefer to keep the web camera on or off?

  • Is background important for you when attending online meetings?

Use of camera in education

  • Do you watch educational videos online?

  • Do you think watching educational videos can help developing skills?

  • Have you learnt something digitally through videos?

Part 2

Talk about your favorite picture.

  • Which picture is it?

  • When was it taken?

  • Where were you and with whom?

  • Why do you think this is your favorite picture?

Part 3

The Photo Era

  • Why do you think people click so many pictures these days?

  • Why do you think people share their pictures?

  • Why do some people dislike being photographed?

  • Why do some people post unusual, funny or inappropriate photos of themselves on social media?

Photos and Social Media

  • There days people capture every moment and post on social media. How do you feel about this?

  • Everyone tries to portray a perfect life on social media. Do you think it is justified?

  • Some experts claim that looking at others pictures on social media can cause depression. Do you agree?

  • Is it safe to post pictures on social media sites?

  • Why do some people post negative comments on other people's photos?

Photos and News

  • News stories with pictures have a greater impact than news stories with text. What do you think?

  • News channels these days encourage common people to share latest pictures of the happenings. is it justified?

  • Pictures can be misleading. Do you agree?

  • How helpful are CCTV cameras in detecting crimes?

Happy Preparation!

Do share if you get stuck in any question in the comments section below.

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