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CD IELTS: Take IELTS on Computer

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Dear IELTS Aspirants, We all are aware of the two formats in which IELTS is available, the pen-paper based and the computer delivered. There are definitely some benefits in the latter one over the former one. Below is my analysis:

1. In the listening section, one has to fill in the responses on the screen only. And there is two minutes time to revise at the end.

2. One can easily highlight as needed in the Reading Section.

3. CD IELTS is certainly a preferred option for those who are more comfortable typing on a computer and have handwriting issues. However, they must check their typing speed and typing accuracy before booking the exam.

4. Even restructuring one’s work in the Writing Section, adding and deleting ideas, would be hassle free.

5. Auto Word Count is visible.

6. Speaking test is conducted in the same manner, face to face, by a real human examiner.

7. It also enables working individuals to finish the test in a single day and in a single slot mostly, unlike the PBT, in which the speaking test is conducted on a separate day. Still, the candidates must check with the center before finalizing the dates to be double sure.

8. The result is delivered faster, in 3 to 5 days for CD IELTS rather than 13 days as for PBT.

9. There are more dates and slots available and hence, the candidate are able to book without delays. For PBT, there are only 4 test dates available for Academic IELTS and 2 test dates for General IELTS in a month. Normally, candidates have to wait for minimum 1 month to get the test date.

10. The experience is better due to crowd at the CBT centers as compared to the PBT centers.

11. Exam is the same. There is no change.

12. Evaluation criteria is the same. Writing and Speaking sections are evaluated by IELTS examiners only.

13. Lastly, if, by any chance, they do not get the desired score, they can plan another attempt in a shorter span of time.

I believe one must go for CD IELTS owing to the advantages associated. But do practice before.

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