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Score 9 Bands in IELTS Listening!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Out of the four sections of IELTS, students generally spend the maximum time in doing the listening tests. This is generally because there is so much material available and it just takes 30 minutes to finish a test.

However, despite so much practice for the Listening Section, students find it difficult to reach 8 bands and above.

In this blog, we will share some simple tips, which can surely boost your score and can help you to get 9 bands.

The Listening Section lasts for 30 minutes. Students listen to 4 audios, 2 conversations and 2 lectures. They answer 10 questions per audio and total 40 questions. At the end, they have 10 mins time to transfer the answers from the question paper to an answer sheet in the paper-based IELTS and 2 mins time to review the answers in the computer-delivered IELTS. To score 9 bands, students need to have 39-40 answers correct, which they can get by implementing the suggestions mentioned below:

1. Do read the questions a multiple times. Utilize the instruction time, the 30 secs time given to read the questions and the 30 secs time given to review the answers.

2. Pay attention to the titles written at the beginning of every section and the initial part of the audio when the title is given by the speaker. This will help you understand the context of the audio.

3. Read instructions carefully. Many a times, I see students writing 2 words answer, when only one word answer is allowed.

4. Pay attention to any corrections and repetitions in the audios. Generally answers are hidden in those portions of the audios.

5. Be quick to note down, when a spelling of a word is dictated. That's for sure an answer.

6. Be careful with the mistakes in spellings.

7. Do take care of the singular and plural.

8. When you start practicing for the Listening Section, play one test and just listen to it, without finding any answers. Just listen and become familiar with the format of the section and the type of lectures and conversations presented.

9. Also, try to master section 1 and 2 first, before moving on to section 3 and 4 and the first two sections are easier than the last two.

10. Also, be extra cautious with multiple choice questions and maps. Be more attentive.

11. Do refer to the transcripts for wrong answers.

12. At the end, transfer/check the answers carefully.

The above pointers, with regular practice, have really helped our students to score well. If you are still struggling, do get in touch with the experts at Emjay Coaching.

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