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Does my child TRUST ME enough!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

With so much of free advice available from all around, the job of a parent is becoming no less chaotic. More so, because of the wide generation gap, which seems difficult to bridge and the huge exposure due to technology, which is beyond control. Now the challenges that modern parents have to face are far more complex and diversified than faced by the parents in the past.

From the fulfilment of the physiological needs of the children, the focus is now shifting towards meeting the psychological needs of the children. I remember my mom spending all her day in providing delicious food, clean clothes and a well-organized house. Rarely parents could think beyond a good timetable for children. However, the modern times are urging parents to go far beyond this time table thing. A healthy and intelligent conversation on a daily a basis holds greater importance than the provision of well-maintained home.

Now there is a lot more that parents need to know about their children and their world, both real and virtual. They need to communicate on far more complex topics and in the language, yet unknown. This is all because of the changing times, hence changing problems. The biggest challenge is that parents expect children to share everything on their own, as had been the case in their childhood. By burdening children with the responsibility for communication, we cannot easily relieve ourselves of our responsibility to ask them. Parents need to learn to ask and that too without making it feel like they are inquiring.

Taking the responsibility to know their children's world is even more important in the nuclear family culture we are living in today. Both parents work these days and struggle to find time. This is even worse in case of single parent families. Joint Families used to offer the support system needed in raising children. The nuclear families of today have burdened parents with many different roles to play. But can we give up?

Therefore, the language and the interactions need to be re-defined and evolved. Modern parents need to be friendly, adaptable and most importantly aware. They need to encourage conversations by making the child confide in them. Candid and mutual sharing needs to become a daily ritual.

Take the questions from your children as opportunities to hear them out, to inform them and most importantly to empower them. Fill them with this belief that you will always remain by their side no matter what. Become their first point of contact whenever they have any problem. Earn that trust. Take the responsibility for that communication to happen daily.

Because if WE will not, THEY will not.

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