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Choose a CHILD as your ROLE MODEL!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Choose a CHILD as your ROLE MODEL!


We all agree that childhood is the happiest phase of our lives. We are really filled with admiration when we talk about our childhood. Yet over the years, to fit in the real world, we are made to mold ourselves. The innocent and honest child is expected to become a smart and diplomatic adult. To be more presentable, we drape our souls with layers and layers of artificial fabric that suffocates and conceals that fearless, pure and childish soul dwelling within us. And that, I believe, is the time when we lose our happiness too.

Let us revive that happiness by revising the 5 important lessons which our childhood gave us.

1. Small Joys lead to Big Joys

We must notice the happiness on children’s faces when they simply wake up in the morning or receive chocolates at school or meet their friends. Their excitement levels are the same every time you take them for the evening cycle ride or park visit.

This reminds us once more that we do not need that much to feel happy. It’s the little things that matter which we adults stop acknowledging as we grow up. So, let’s take this moment as an opportunity to acknowledge at least 10 things that give us joy.

2. Memories are made up of small happy incidents

If we try to recall the memories of our childhood, we would generally think of incidents, like the first train ride, getting drenched in the rain, post-school hug from our mother, last day before the beginning of summer vacation, last exam, getting a chance to bunk a boring class etc.

We adults wait far too much for that one event which we can advertise as a memorable event in our lives, not realizing that we can make every moment, a memorable moment. You don't have to wait for happiness to come one day, it's with you, it’s within you, all the time, even right now. Just Check! :):)

3. Communicating without manipulation

We all must have come across incidents when we had heard children giving straightforward, yet truthful responses, irrespective of the age and the level of authority of the person they are talking to. Very often people feel incompetent or uncomfortable responding back to such fearless statements.

We adults try to sugar coat a lot and, thus, miscommunicate a lot. Sometimes it's needed but many times it's not. Why can't we just tell the truth? Some people might not like it, but gradually they will understand. And if you have to be artificial to keep them happy, do they really deserve you?

4. Genuinely admitting mistakes without fearing the consequences

Life can be really simple, if we remain honest as far as possible. Children simplify everything and remain free from all the guilt by simply admitting their mistakes. If they break a toy or hit a classmate, they will easily admit after slight probing.

However, as adults we sometimes go too far in concealing our faults and we easily convert small issues into big problems, with no solutions. Admitting faults gives us the opportunity to improve. It strengthens trust in our relationships. It nullifies the damage caused and frees us of the burden of guilt. Hence, accept, seek forgiveness and free yourself today!

5. Loving all unconditionally

We must observe the relationship children share with the people they deal with, in their daily lives. From the class teacher to the school guard, from the next door neighbour to the house maid, from their sibling to the distant cousin, they show similar affection and acceptance towards all.

Nonetheless as we grow up, we learn to be wise enough to really be selective in our behavior with different people as per their social status, professional achievements and utility in our lives. Shouldn’t humans identify humans first and not their ranks?

Thus, let’s make an effort to be a child once more and that will make everything so effortless. We will be able to experience life as more fulfilling and rewarding.

Let’s also not try to TEACH children. It’s time to LEARN from them!

Do not forget to leave your impressions and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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