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Love Against the Odds: A Beautiful Love Story

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

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Once upon a time there lived a Parrot on a tree. Everyone used to admire the parrot for its unique characteristics. The striking green skin color with a bright red beak attracted many. It was perceived as the most intelligent and entertaining for its ability to talk and even mimic any creature. Its peers never had a dull moment in its company because of its friendly nature and good sense of humor. Animals on land and water admired it for its ability to fly. Some got jealous too. All humans wished to take it home. They got fascinated by the sight of it playing with its peers. What else the parrot could wish for. Nonetheless, deep inside it felt the need to have a companion with whom it can share and spend its life.

One day while it was taking a flight in the neighborhood, someone caught its attention. It had a soothing brown color and was cheerfully playing under the sun. It found the high energy quite infectious. The Parrot flew nearer to explore further the object of its admiration. It got further impressed by the camaraderie it shared with the fellow mates. Everyday parrot flew to that particular spot just to enjoy the aerial view of its new found Love. One day the two exchanged greetings for the first time and quickly became friends. They both started spending more and more time together. Their bond got stronger with time and both started seeing a perfect companion in each other.

Parrot wanted its Love to stay in its nest. It would sing songs of love. It would stay happy and mimic more often. It would take long flights and imagined its Love to accompany. The feelings were alike on the other side. However, no matter how much Parrot expressed, its Love would not respond as it had expected. Its consistent requests for long flights met deaf ears. Its Love never appreciated the idea of staying in the nest. It's not that It didn't want to spend time or live with the Parrot, but in a different way.

One day, it invited the Parrot to play in the park. Though impractical for the Parrot, it couldn't say ‘No’ out of its deep desire to be with its beloved. Its peers warned the Parrot of the dangers involved in flying too low. But it continued due to its promise. And that was the last time it was seen by its friends. The Parrot lost its Life and the Pug lost its Love. A true Love story just ended.

Moral: Sometimes it’s true on both the sides, yet it can fail!

Do comment below your thoughts on this story.

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Beautiful perspective on love and relationships. Yes it can be true and yet fail.


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