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Score 90/90 in PTE Reading Section

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Pearson Test of English or PTE is a popular alternate to IELTS and is widely accepted for admissions into foreign universities.

PTE consists of 4 sections and here we are going to discuss about the Reading section.

The Reading Section of PTE is 29 to 30 minutes long and consists of 5 types of questions, total 13-18 questions:

1. Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks (5-6)

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers (1-2)

3. Re-order Paragraphs (2-3)

4. Fill in the Blanks (4-5)

5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer (1-2)

Tips to score well in the PTE Reading Section

1. In comparison to IELTS, PTE Reading Section is shorter. However, time management can be a challenge here too. Thus, students must practice extensively before the exam with a proper timer.

2. To be able to score well in PTE Reading Section, candidates must understand the assessment criteria well. It will also help them to manage time more effectively.

3. As visible from the count also, the maximum number of questions are "Fill in the Blanks" (total 9-11). Hence, it's important to achieve high accuracy in them. Given the scoring, they are also worth more time.

4. Even Re-order Paragraphs are important as they are scoring too. By building the right strategy towards them, students can gain high accuracy in them.

5. The students must be careful about time when it comes to multiple choice questions. Students tend to lose the track of time while reading the passages and that reduces their time for other scoring questions.

6. The Multiple Choice Single Answer is worth 1 point only, In the Multiple choice Multiple Answer, each answer is of 1 point but the negative marking reduces the chances of scoring well. Hence, they aren't the questions where one should spend lot of time.

7. Although to score 90/90, one needs to aim for accuracy in all the 5 question types. But for 65 or 79 points, one should aim for 100 percent accuracy in the 3 scoring question types.

So, if you are planning to take PTE, keep in mind the above points. If you still face challenges, get in touch with experts at Emjay Coaching.

All the Best!

Taking the Mock Test before booking the date is ideal to know how prepared you are. You can book the mock test with us by using the link given below:

Do not forget to share in comment below that which point will you implement first.

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