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De-clutter your MIND: Diwali Cleanliness Drive

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Let’s Clean and De-clutter Our Minds!

The time around Diwali, when people go on active cleanliness drive in their homes and surroundings, I believe it is worth spending some amount of time on purifying the mind as well.

We do not realize how much load we carry on our minds, unless we start seeing its effects on our health, career, relationships and personal growth.

We all focus far too much on improving our surroundings. From the color on the walls, to the objects around us, we take utmost care to have everything soothing around us. Yes! That’s important. But we cannot neglect the environment prevailing inside us because nothing can be soothing for a restless mind, preoccupied with thoughts. It is extremely important to clear our minds.

We need to eliminate negative thoughts about situations and people, bad memories, anxiety of day-to-day affairs, pressure to perform at work, burden to fit in the idealistic social frame work, fear from the future and much more. Can you fill a glass, which is already full with fluid? You need to empty it first to pour something new that you want.

So this Diwali, let us try to de-clutter our minds.

The most effective way is to give a direction to our mind and thoughts every day. I believe making a to-do list daily/weekly and assigning our brain tasks would discourage it from wandering.

We also need to sort out any accumulated feelings. Certain thoughts sometimes dominate our minds. Rather than trying to avoid, it is better that we resolve. Writing about them or talking to someone or oneself would effectively help us vent out and get some practical insights.

Moreover, to have peace with our minds, we need to learn to be in the roles that we are playing at the moment. We often see ourselves worrying about office, when at home and worrying about home when at office. We need to focus on the role we are in at the moment.

Further, in my opinion, most of our anxieties are linked to our assumptions about other people and situations, it is better to talk, rather than stressing ourselves by overanalyzing the reasons behind other people’s certain behavior.

With all this, having a proper sleep, finding some time to exercise and allocating some time to hobbies always help to de-stress ourselves and enhance clarity of thoughts.

Thus, this Diwali, let's all aim to have a clearer vision by exercising greater control on our minds by eliminating the clutter which has been restricting us from realizing out true potentials.

Let’s undergo a cleanliness drives ourselves and illuminate in the festival of lights with exuberance.

Happy Diwali to all of us!

Do not forget to share your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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