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Score 90/90 in PTE Listening!

The Pte Listening Section is the last section of the exam. It is 30 to 43 minutes long. It consists of 8 types of questions:

1. Summarize Spoken Text (1-2)

2. Multiple Choice Questions: Multiple Answers (1-2)

3. Highlight Correct Summary (1-2)

4. Fill in the Blanks (2-3)

5. Multiple Choice Questions: Single Answer (1-2)

6. Select Missing Words (1-2)

7. Highlight Incorrect Words (2-3)

8. Write from Dictation (3-4)

To score well in the PTE Listening Section, candidates must keep in mind the below points:

1. PTE aspirants must understand each question well. They should know what exactly they need to do to avoid any confusion during the exam

2. PTE candidates must practice for all the questions, however, they should know that which questions are more scoring and which are less scoring. This will enable them to manage their time well.

3. The first item type mentioned above has a separate timer of 10 minutes for each question. So PTE candidates should utilize full 10 minutes as they cannot use that time in the other 7 item types.

4. The remaining 7 item types have a fixed total timer which cannot be extended. That's why PTE aspirants must remain careful while spending time.

5. Out of the 8 item types in the PTE Listening Section, 4 are more scoring than the other 4. So, PTE candidates must utilize more time for the 4 scoring questions and spend less time on the 4 less scoring questions.

6. The 4 more scoring questions are:

  • Summarize Spoken Text

  • Fill in the Blanks

  • Highlight Incorrect Words

  • Write from Dictation

PTE candidates must do them well.

7. There is also negative marking in some questions. Thus, PTE Aspirants must mark only those answers which they sure about. The questions which have negative marking are:

  • Multiple Choice Questions: Multiple Answers

  • Highlight Incorrect Words

8. Write from dictation is really scoring. Thus, PTE students should try to score 100 percent there.

9. Mistakes in spellings can reduce the score greatly in the PTE Listening Section. Thus, PTE Aspirants must remain careful wherever they have to type.

10. Even Typing Speed, Grammar and Vocabulary can reduce the score in the Summarize Spoken text Questions and, thus, the overall score. Thus, PTE students avoid these kind of errors.

11. Completion of the test is the most important to score high. Thus, PTE Aspirants should make sure that they compete their test.

12. There is no alternate to Listening Comprehension. PTE Candidates must practice to build Listening Comprehension by exposing themselves to variety of English Podcasts.

13. Overall, confidence level does make a difference. Thus, PTE candidates must remain confident during the exam and for that they must practice enough.

All the Best for your PTE Exam!

Happy Preparation!

Do share if you get stuck in any question in the comments section below.

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